[Case Study] Black Milk Credits Shopify Plus for Its Success

[Case Study] Black Milk Credits Shopify Plus for Its Success


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Although Black Milk Clothing is now a multi-million dollar Australian brand, the company was only a startup when it joined Shopify.

At that time, Black Milk had just moved into its first real office; an upgrade from the kitchen space it had been using prior. Rent was expensive and the ecommerce platform they were using kept letting them down.

Big Cartel Was Unreliable

"Before we moved onto Shopify, our website was just crashing on every launch. We’d really hype our sales up and that’s when girls around the world would come online and buy our product, but it was too much and it would crash. I said, ‘Dude, we’ve got to find a solution.’

When we switched, it was like, ‘Hallelujah.’

Cameron Parker - Head of Marketing at Black Milk Clothing

Making the Switch to Shopify Plus

One of my colleagues found out about Shopify Plus, which has unlimited bandwidth and was cost effective.

When we switched, it was like, ‘Hallelujah.’ Our first release just ran totally smoothly.

The website didn’t even blink. Our customers checked out smoothly and calmly and it was happy days.


“I love working with Shopify. You guys are just such an integral part of our team.”

Shopify Plus Gives Us Ability to Scale

Now, we’re developing strategies to set up U.S. and European websites on Shopify that will handle their own inventory. We’re developing systems to use Shopify and grow in scale with multiple stores globally.

Flexible Fees Meant More R&D

Other options we evaluated would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars up front.

When we chose Shopify, we were able to put that money into other parts of the business like product development. That meant we could buy sewing machines. We could buy more fabrics. We could hire more people to help sew.

That money was so much better spent being allocated to R&D instead of web hosting.

Shopify Grew With Our Business

I love working with Shopify.

You guys are just such an integral part of our team. It’s not like you’re just a support team. You’re a part of our success.

When we joined, you were a startup just like we were, and we’re a multi-million business now. It’s great that we’ve been able to grow together.

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